1.1 Membership in the Wisconsin Yachting Association shall be of one type: member clubs, which shall not exceed twelve in number. The present member clubs in the order of admission are: Okauchee Lake Yacht Club, Nagawicka Yacht Club, LaBelle Yacht Club, Beulah Lake Yacht Club, Pewaukee Yacht Club, Beaver Lake Yacht Club, Pistakee Yacht Club, Oconomowoc Lake Club, Cedar Lake Yacht Club, Delavan Lake Yacht Club, North Lake Yacht Club, and Browns Lake Yacht Club.

1.2 Any member club may terminate its membership in the Association by resignation and may be expelled by the affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the member clubs.

1.3 Provided a vacancy in member clubs exists, any yacht club having a regular membership and holding regular races for one of more classes of yachts sanctioned by the Association, may apply for membership upon forms provided by the Association and shall be admitted to membership by the affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the member clubs.


2.1 Each member club shall be entitled to one vote at each annual, regular or special meeting of the Association, such vote to be cast by the Delegate duly authorized to do so by the member club as set forth in ARTICLE V, Section 5.1 of these BY-LAWS.


3.1 Each member club shall pay such annual dues as may from time to time be fixed by a majority of the voting Delegates. Such dues shall be paid on or before February 1st of each year.


4.1 The annual meeting of the Association shall be held in October of each year, at a time and place specifically designated by the Commodore of the Association but within the counties of Milwaukee or Waukesha, Wisconsin.

4.2 Other regular or special meetings of the Association may be called by the Commodore at will, or by a majority of the voting Delegates, or by any five (5) member clubs filing a written request with the Secretary, stating the object of such meeting and thereupon the Commodore shall call such meeting, and upon refusal so to do, the Secretary shall call the same.

4.3 Notice of all meetings shall be given personally or by mail, addressed to the last known address of all certified Delegates, at least seven (7) days prior to any meeting.

4.4 Any five (5) voting Delegates in good standing and representing in person five member clubs shall constitute a quorum.


5.1 The Board of Directors shall be a House of Delegates consisting of two Delegates representing each member club. Only one Delegate from each member club shall be entitled to vote. Officers of the Association shall automatically become one of the Delegates of the member club of such officer, but the Commodore of the Association shall not be a voting Delegate of a member club but shall have the right to vote for the purpose of breaking a tie. On or before the first day of October of each year, each member club shall certify to the Secretary of the Association the names and addresses of its Delegates and shall designate the Delegate entitled to vote. The Association deems it to be in its best interests that at least one of the member club delegates be elected or appointed by the member club for a three-year term in order to provide good continuity of policy and membership.

5.2 The House of Delegates shall have full authority to manage and conduct all affairs of the Association and to adopt racing, judging and all other rules governing races, regattas and other events sanctioned or sponsored by the Association.

5.3 All meetings of the House of Delegates shall be deemed to be meetings of the Association.


6.1 The elective officers of the Association shall consist of a Commodore, a Vice-Commodore, a Treasurer, a Secretary and such other officers as may from time to time be designated. Any two elective offices, except those of Commodore and Vice-Commodore or Commodore and Secretary, may be held by one person.

6.2 At the annual meeting of the Association the Delegates shall elect from within their number a Commodore, a Vice-Commodore, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and such other officers as may be deemed advisable. Such officers shall hold office until the next annual meeting of the Association or until their successors are elected and qualified, provided, however, that any such officer may be removed with or without cause by the affirmative vote of a majority of the voting Delegates.

6.3 The Commodore shall preside at all meeting of the Association and shall have such other duties as may be prescribed from time to time by the Delegates.

6.4 The Vice-Commodore shall have such duties as may be prescribed from time to time by the Delegates. In the event of the absence or disability of the Commodore, the Vice-Commodore shall succeed to his powers and duties. The Vice-Commodore shall be chairman of the Awards Committee.

6.5 The Secretary shall be secretary of and shall attend all meetings of the Association and shall record all the proceedings of such meetings in a book provided for that purpose. He shall give proper notice of all meetings of the Association. He shall keep a correct list of all the Delegates of all member clubs. The Secretary shall be chairman of the Properties Committee.

6.6 The Treasurer shall keep accurate accounts of all moneys and other assets received or disbursed by the Association. He shall deposit all moneys in the name of the Association in such bank as may be approved by the Delegates. He shall disburse the moneys of the Association as ordered by the Delegates. He shall at each annual meeting of the Association make a report of all receipt and disbursements of the Association during its latest fiscal year.


7.1 The Commodore shall appoint the following standing committees: Nominating Committee, Awards Committee and Properties Committee.

7.2 The Nominating Committee shall consist of the last three available Past Commodores of the Association and the current Commodore of the Association. The Nominating Committee shall nominate one candidate for each elective office in the Association and shall make its report at the annual meeting of the Association. The report of the Nominating Committee shall be included with the Notice of the Annual Meeting of the Association.

7.3 The Awards Committee shall have general responsibility to determine the financial schedule or budget for the year and to arrange for suitable award moneys to be available and with the approval of the Delegates to arrange for the selection and purchase of all trophies and awards.

7.4 The Properties Committee shall have official charge and direct responsibility for all properties of the Association excepting cash and securities, and arrange for their availability at the direction of the officers, Delegates, or the Race Committee of a sanctioned regatta, for any specific purpose and upon completion of such purpose to again see to the proper return to the Properties Committee's custody and protection and a complete list of such properties shall be filed with the Secretary prior to the annual meeting of the Association.


8.1 The sanctioned classes of yachts in the Association shall be classes C and X as defined in the current rules of the Inland Lakes Yachting Association.


9.1 The Annual Regatta for Class C shall be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday commencing on the first Friday in August, and shall have five scheduled races.

9.2 The Annual Regatta for Class X shall be held on the Saturday and Sunday of the second last full weekend of July. Full weekend shall include both a Saturday and a Sunday. Four (4) races shall be scheduled.

9.3 The Divisional Regattas for Class C between member clubs shall be held on the Saturday and Sunday of the last full weekend in June of each year and shall have three scheduled races.

9.4 The starting time for the scheduled races of each regatta shall be given on all information provided the judges and participants of the regatta, and the information shall further state a specific starting time for each race. The further racing instructions shall provide that in the event a race is lost for any reason, the judges shall then have the right to re-set the starting time for the remaining unsailed races so that an attempt can be make to make up the lost race or races. However, the judges must notify the skippers promptly by use of the bulletin board and such other means as are reasonably available.

9.5 All sanctioned regattas shall be conducted pursuant to the current rules of the Inland Yachting Association with such exceptions there to as may be voted upon by the Delegates from time to time.


10.1 The perpetual and annual prizes awarded by the Association shall consist of such trophies, plates, flags, or other appropriate objects as determined by the Awards Committee. Under no circumstances shall matches between yachts or boats entered in the race be made for money. All prizes, which are won for one year only, must be returned to the Secretary before the next Annual Regatta for the class to which it applies, fully polished and engraved.


11.1 The Association colors shall be of the following description. A swallow tail burgee divided longitudinally into three fields by two diagonal lines, the fields colored cardinal red with white letters, the center field to contain the letters W.Y.A.


12.1 The house of Delegates may amend these by-laws, any racing rule and any other rule governing sanctioned events, by the affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the voting Delegates at any annual regular or special meeting of the Association provided that a written statement of the nature of the amendment shall have been included in the notice of such meeting.


Deviations From ILYA

1. Course markings to be the same as ILYA unless the Chief Judge and his staff determine it is necessary to set up a special course to suit a special need where the standard courses cannot be used.  The skippers are to be fully informed of said deviations at the skippers' meeting prior to the Regatta with appropriate markings to be shown on the course board on the gunboat.

2. The WYA will not measure or weigh boats nor measure sails, but in the event a protest is lodged, a measurement or weighing of the sails or boat will be affected at that time, and the loser of the protest will bear the cost, if any.


3. The minimum length of Class "C" races shall be approximately 6 miles.


4. Skipper requirements "C" and "X" boats:


  1. The registered helmsman must skipper the yacht.
  2. In the event co-helmsmen are registered, both must be on board for each race unless the Chief Judge is notified before the race, and he agrees to valid reasons for doing so.

5. A Helmsman must declare his yacht's weight and the amount of lead he intends to carry throughout the Regatta.  Any helmsman found sailing an underweight boat will lose all points for that Regatta and will not be allowed to participate in the next calendar year WYA event.


6. Protests regarding emblems on sails will be disallowed.


7. SUDDEN DEATH - WYA will follow ILYA sudden death rule with the following addition: after the first general recall the sudden death sequence is mandatory. The black flag shall be displayed to notify sailors.


8. Dry sailing is allowed.


9. All helmsman must be a member of a WYA Member Yacht Club in good standing. The sail and boat must have the WYA member lake designation and number on the sail and boat.


10. US Sailing starting sequence will be followed.









A. WYA approved written sailing instructions to all judges and participants including launch instructions and a complete schedule of all regatta events. The WYA will not be bound by any local sailing instructions of member clubs when hosting a WYA sanctioned event without prior approval.

B. Launch facilities and taxi service to and from the mooring area.

C. Parking facilities for automobiles and boat trailers.

D. When necessary, arrangements for housing for non-local Race Committee.

E. Registration and information center, for scoring, protest and other data.

F. Headquarters for the judges and four judges' boats complete with all necessary racing and scoring equipment.

G. Lunches on Friday (when applicable) Saturday and Sunday free to all skippers, one crew per entry, judges and at a reasonable fee to other crew and visitors.

H. Adequate comfort stations.

I. Spectator boats for visitors.

J. Facility for trophy awards at or before 2 PM on the last day of the event.

K. Forward fees and final standings of all participants to the WYA Secretary within 5 days of the regatta. The standings should be Excel compatible since these become part of the WYA permanent record.


A. Annual Class "X" Regatta is a 2-day, 4-race event. All fees will be sent to the Host Lake. The WYA will provide entry forms to Lake Delegates for distribution. If postmarked before July 7 the fee is $50.00; after July 7 the fee is $65.00. A fee of $10.00 per boat is sent to the WYA along with standings at the end of the regatta.

B. Annual Class "C" Regatta is a 3-day, 5-race event. All fees will be sent to the Host Lake. The WYA will provide entry forms to Lake Delegates for distribution. If postmarked before July 27 the fee is $65.00; after July 27 the fee is $80.00. A fee of $10.00 per boat is sent to the WYA along with the standings at the end of the regatta.

C. Divisional Class "C" Regatta is temporarily suspended.

D. A $5.00 refund will be made to any entrant who can prove to be a member of US Sailing.


A. Two-day / 4-race regatta: Saturday 3 races and Sunday 1 race.

B. Three-day / 5-race regatta: Friday 2 races, Saturday 2 races and Sunday 1 race.

C. Two-day / 3-race regatta: Saturday 2 races and Sunday 1 race.

D. To make a regatta official, one race must be sailed. If one or more races have been sailed, the latest warning signal on Sunday will be 1:00 PM. In any case, no warning signal will be made after 3:00 PM on Sunday. 

E. Typical AM start time is 10:00 AM.


The WYA furnishes all trophies for the final standings and the WYA will also furnish trophies for the first place Finisher and Crew in each individual race. Divisional - temporarily suspended: 5 places for skipper and crew. Championship: 10 places for skipper and crew.




If Friday or Saturday night programs are planned, all proceeds and risks belong to the host club. It has been customary for the Commodore of the Host Lake at WYA "X" and "C" Championship Regattas to host a cocktail party on one of the evenings during the regatta. Some yacht clubs underwrite the cost of the party. It has been customary to invite regatta judges, chairman, WYA delegates and member lake officers. On occasion many others are invited at the discretion of the host. There are, however, no set guidelines and hosting of a party is not mandatory.




The WYA will supply radios and burgees as needed. The WYA property chairman will make these available to the WYA voting delegate. The voting delegate will be responsible for the WYA property and returning same.




It shall be the responsibility of the Host Club to post the final standings as soon as possible after the final race. It is also required that the Host Club sends $10.00 for each entrant and the final standings to the WYA Secretary/Treasurer.




It is recommended that judges from other member lakes be asked to assist judging.




The Host club should send out printed information about the regatta to member lakes at least four weeks ahead of time to allow for distribution to skippers. Regatta registration forms are provided by the WYA and distributed to the Lake Delegates. The WYA will distribute Host Lake information if provided to the WYA Secretary in early May. Regatta host lake information would include, starting times, launch particulars, mooring information, etc.